Research Horizon

All my research activities are guided by my world vision and understanding, and the foundational beliefs and values, which follow :

  • There is a planetary fundamental unity and a non-separability of the human with all other forms of  life on earth. Consequently all forms of life have a profound and inalienable value.
  • Human evolution is a process of development of consciousness, which is enrooted in the human concrete experience.
    Technology is one way of modelling the human experience.
    The art of engineering is choosing to contribute to the design of that experience, while being guided by the intention of achieving human autogenesis as ultimate horizon, where autogenesis denotes a state of being in full-control of oneself, at the individual and collective scales of human existence.
  • Any technological intervention should then be benevolent with all life and human native capacities and even  support the expression of their potential.

Integral, Human-Centered, and Ecological System Design in Practice

The URANOS Project

The project aims at contributing to human-centered and ecological design in the fields of computing and cyber-physical systems.

It is a continuation of Benjamin Hadorn’s PhD thesis «Uranos: A Generic System Model for Human-Centered Design», (PhD Thesis, University of Fribourg, 2016), which proposes a holistic modeling of human-machine interaction inspired by system science and the conversation theory elaborated by Gordon Pask and Paul Pangaro in 2nd order cybernetics.
Its goal is to provide a basis for the development of a human-machine symbiosis, a form of cooperation framed by the respect of human values like integrity, of human capacities like curiosity, creativity, adaptation and learning, together with human motivation and pleasure, which are essential as well for work efficiency as for well-being and commitment.
A software called HumanOS™ derived from Uranos is being developed in cooperation with Cybertech Engineering.

Further research work aims at extending the implementation of conversation theory, and applying URANOS in different contexts.

Keywords : Human Machine Symbiosis • Generic System Model • Human-centered Design • Holistic Design • Meta-Modeling • Cybernetics • Systemics • Integral Thinking • Coordination • Cyber-physical System • Adaptive System • Learning Organization • Industry 4.0

URANIA : Worldview and Paradigm Shift

As a generic model encompassing the enactive dynamics of cognition and beyond, up to the highest level of existence of the human beings where consciousness, the feeling of unity, and the individuation, and evolution processes happen, Uranos can also be considered as a meta-model, which subsumes a worldview (as such it fits within the so-called family of theories «of everything»).
Urania aims at addressing these issues, which are fundamental for the paradigm shift required by the integration of informatics and of the numerous recent advances achieved in many research domains about the nature of life, of mind, consciousness and information, within the  scientific landscape in order to form a relevant cosmology for the XXIst century.
Partners from philosophy, physics, epistemology, and human sciences are welcome to join !