Proposal For Master Project : Smart Environment

in collaboration with Dr Benjamin Hadorn, CyberTech

Keywords : Artificial intelligence, coordination, cybernetics, conversation theory, human-machine interaction, learning

The project fits in the framework of a research team focusing on a human-centered and sustainable system modeling and design approaches, which are rooted in Artificial Intelligence, Coordination, Cybernetics (, and the Conversation Theory from Gordon Pask (
The projected work is contributing to the implementation of the generic model for Human-Centered Design proposed in [1].

As a platform, the Human Operation System (HumanOS™) was developed. Il provides agenerative software kernel implementing Uranos. This kernel enables technical systems to learn new behaviors through conversation and interaction with human beings. This kind of learning-through conversation principle can be used wherever human beings are confronted with computer-based machines.
In a concrete example, you develop a model and a prototype for smart environments based on cybernetics, conversation theory and latest artificial intelligent methods. You work closely with the HumanIST Institute at the University of Fribourg, and with CyberTech Engineering GmbH.

[1] Benjamin Hadorn : Uranos – A Generic System Model for Human-Centered Design. PhD thesis n°1993, Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg, 2016.