Michele Courant got a PhD in Informatics at the University of Rennes I (France), and a 1st degree in Philosophy, Linguistics and French Literature at the University of Western Brittany (France).

Dr. Michèle Courant works as senior research scientist and lecturer at the Department of Informatics. From  2017, she is integrated within the Human-IST Institute.

Her interdisciplinary research interests concern the relationships between the human development and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
Her technical projects in ICT are focusing on integral and ecological human-centered system design.

For over 30 years, she supervised many PhD thesis in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Bio-inspired Computing, Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, and Human-Machine Interaction.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary, integral design, adaptive interaction, human-centered design, system science, anthropology-sociology and philosophy of the technique.